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Build Your List, Brand & Business
Through Collaboration

Use your specific expertise to educate new and growing small business owners. Educate your way to a bigger online audience and accelerate your know, like and trust factor worldwide. 

build your brand

Build Your Brand

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

build your list

Build Your List

They say the power is in the list … Could you benefit from a bigger list and more leads?

Expand Your Business

Are you looking for more paying clients for your business? How about different income streams?

What is Required
What is the ROI

What Is Required From The Educators

This list may change a bit as we go through this process, but everything on this list has a specific purpose to enhancing your experience and building your business as a professional in your field. Trust that we wouldn’t be doing our job if you didn’t benefit 10 fold from our efforts.


The Ability to Reach as Many People As Possible

This list can be made of social media followers, email list, client list, people you know in real life. The larger the list the more reach we will have the the more money you can make. Ideally we would like a combined list of 3k per person, but it is not a hard and fast rule.


Meet Generous Deadlines

On the next page you will see the schedule of deadlines. You will have everything you need to meet deadlines 30 days or more prior. Please only apply if you can meet deadlines so we can all be sucessful.


Must Be Willing to Promote

We will be providing pre written copy, emails, graphics, social media posts and affiliate tracking links for you. Everything you need to be successful. All you have to do is promote during the scheduled marketing time. Nov 23 to Jan 8th. Each speaker will be required to send a minimum of 3 emails and 5 social media posts, however the more active you are the more you can make as a summit affiliate. 


Follow Instructions to Insure Branding

We will be providing detailed instructions, templates, information and support. All you have to do is deliver your content so that everything is consistant.


Must Be Ready to Follow Up on Leads

Prior to the summit being launched in January you must have an opt in page, something to give away that relates to your “class” and an email follow up series to increase your personal sales funnel. (we can help you develop it, but you have to want to)


Willing to Sign a Content Release

This program is part of a course that can be sold to business owners after the summit. During the application process you will be asked to sign a release similar to a podcast or tv show. This is strictly for the use of the In The Trenches MBA Program.

What Are You Getting Out Of Participating

So obviously as a business owner you need to be compensated for your work, knowledge and time. We understand which is why we don’t ask much. Here is just a short list of compensation that are easily a HUGE ROI if everyone participates as required.


List Building for Your Products

The power is in the list and the more warm leads you have the better for your own sales pipeline. Do you want more warm leads?


Personal Brand Growth

We collaborate with other businesses every day to build each other up and offer amazing things to our customers. This summit will be for a worldwide audience and you are invited because you are amazing. The goal is to provide amazing value so you grow your sales pipeline with warm leads.


World Wide Expert in Your Field

You are being presented as a world wide expert in your field. Educate, provide action items and then provide your expertise. I can’t wait to show you off to the world.


Affiliate Commissions

We are offering a 30% affiliate commission for all sales. Per person sales will range from $60 to $300. This is a free summit. Paid upgrade gets all access and bonuses.


Mass Collaboration for the Greater Good

This course has over 70 speakers that will be promoting and collaborating to bring this massive amount of content. You have all been hand invited and bring amazing things to our students. Bring your A game and we will all bring the audience.


National Partnerships

We are working on national partnerships with the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), SCORE and Business groups all over the US. This is just a part of our marketing plan.

The Purpose
of Our

“In the Trenches MBA” started as an idea for the education of small business owners to reduce the large percentage of failures. The current number reflect that 80% of new businesses fail within the first 3 years in business and that same percentage of businesses that do succeed are not viable in the event the business owner can not perform the daily work.  Our society is breeding an entrepreneural culture more than ever and it should be the mission of all business owners to help others where we have struggled.

Our help comes in the form of knowledge, talent and general IN THE TRENCHES expereince. They do not teach this stuff in any classroom that I know of.

Join this Summit and help me educate new and growing business owners delelop a plan of growth, sustainbility and survival in our ever changing world.

Are you ready to share your knowledge with the world?  

About Your


Brook Borup is the owner of My Clone Solution LLC, a business dedicated to helping other small business owners learn to delgate and automate the systems in their business so they can become an independant resource and finally have a life outside of their business.

The most common business pains come from the tasks that the business owner was not prepared to think about, learn or deal with when they decided to become an entrepreneur. Brook has made it her mission to make a difference in the lifes of business owners so that everyone has a team behind their success and everyone can grow, get paid and help each other like we want to without the feeling of regret or failure.

15 years in administrative support, project management,  asset management and technology in very diverse backgrounds, Brook is working to help small business owners be educated so business failure is in the minority.

Will you join us to make a difference while expanding your business at the same time?